Discharge Criteria

Patients will be discharged from Home Health Agency services for any of the following reasons:

1)   The patient is no longer homebound.

2)   The patient’s treatment goals are reached or it is determined that goals are unable to be met.

3)   If the patient’s refusal to comply with the plan of care which threatens to compromise the home health agency’s commitment to your care.

4)   The patient no longer has a medically necessary part-time or intermittent skilled need for a skilled nurse or therapist to provide care.

5)   The patient, their family, or caregivers have been trained and are able to perform services that can be provided by the unlicensed caregiver.

6)   Changes in the home setting prevent safe and effective care to meet the patient’s needs or provide the service required.

7)   The patient moves out of the service area.

8)   The patient is admitted to an acute hospital, long-term care facility, skilled nursing facility, or hospice program.