Skilled Nursing

Our nurses are the eyes and ears for your physician in the home, working to prevent your re-hospitalization. 

They work in conjunction with your family, caregivers, and your doctors to build a personalized care plan to ensure that your symptoms and needs are addressed.

Our Registered Nurse case managers will contact you prior to each visit to confirm your availability.

 All required supplies specified by your doctor, and covered by your insurance, will be provided for you.

 Your nurse may also create a care plan for a Home Health Aide should you require assistance with personal hygiene needs. 

Your care team will promptly report any change in your condition to your doctor and will obtain new orders as needed.

Some examples of the services our nurses provide are:

  • Pain and symptom management

  • Medication instruction and management

  • Surgical aftercare

  • Infusion therapy

  • Wound and ostomy care

  • Catheter care

  • Anti-coagulation therapy

  • Disease and chronic condition management which may include:

    • Diabetes

    • Cardiovascular (heart failure)

    • Respiratory (COPD)

    • Oncology

    • Renal failure

    • Neurological disorders