Oxygen Safety

If you use medical oxygen in your home, precautions are necessary to keep you safe and prevent injury.

  • Have a NO SMOKING sign posted outside your door.

  • Do not smoke in the same room where oxygen is in use.

  • Keep oxygen at least five feet away from any heat sources.

  • Do not cook on a gas stove or have open flames, such as candles or fireplaces, lit when oxygen is in use.

  • Have smoke detectors present and working properly.

  • Have a functioning fire extinguisher.

  • Have full oxygen cylinders ready in case of power outage if you are using an oxygen concentrator.

  • Store oxygen cylinders properly.

    • They should be stored in a stand or cart to prevent tipping and falling. Store extra, loose tanks by placing them flat on the floor.

    • Do not allow loose tanks to stand or lean in an upright position. Do not store oxygen in an unventilated area (such as closets or cabinets).

    • Place the oxygen concentrator in an area with good air flow. There should be at least six inches of clearance from furniture, bedding, drapes, or walls.

  • Keep all electrical cords near oxygen intact and free from fraying.

  • Plug oxygen concentrators directly into a wall outlet, do not use an extension cord.

  • Have an evacuation plan in case of fire.

  • Do not use flammable products, such as cleaning fluids, paint thinner, or aerosol sprays in the same room where oxygen is in use.

  • Do not use petroleum-based products, such as petroleum jelly, on your face or hair. You may use water-based or natural products such as KY Jelly or aloe vera.