Home Health

Our Home Health service offers a comprehensive solution for your nursing and rehabilitation needs.

The services are offered in your private home or in the facility settings. Are you recovering from surgery, stroke, have IV or wound care needs – our goal is to provide you with a full range of a quality care in the comfort of your own residence.

Almost all services that would normally be available to you in the hospital setting would be provided.

Getting started is simple and straightforward. All we need is a referral from your attending doctor or the doctor in the hospital and we can get started. You can talk to your case manager in the hospital prior to discharge and usually they will help to get a referral.

Once we receive a referral. our intake staff will gather all necessary information about the services needed and obtain all medical orders from your doctors. Within 24 hours from receiving the orders, our highly skilled nurse or therapist would come to you for the assessment.

Once your condition is assessed, we will come up with your personal plan of care, which includes the interventions, goals and frequencies of treatment. You, your family or caregiver will be an integral part of developing your care plan. Once it is done, the care plan will be submitted to your doctor for approval.

Our highly-trained nurses and therapists will promptly contact you after your discharge from the hospital and will organize all aspects of care for you.